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Treatment Fees

Please note Hot Stones, Cupping & Aromatherapy (with essential oils) may incur an additional fee. Please enquire at time of booking.

As of August 2019:


Initial Appointment                                            $110

1/2 Hour (30 min) Senior Therapist                    $65

3/4 Hour (45 min) Senior Therapist                    $80

1 Hour (60 min) Senior Therapist                      $100

1 1/4 Hour (75 min) Senior Therapist                $110

1 1/2 Hour (90 min) Senior Therapist                 $125



Mini Facial     (30 min)                                          $75
Deluxe Facial (60 min)                                        $135

Indian Head Massage (45min)                              $75

Deluxe Indian Head Massage (60mins)                $95

Indian Head with Ear Candles (60mins)               $95

Deluxe indain Head with Ear Candles (90mins)  $115
Wellness Body Pamper   (90 min)                       $160 
Includes full body exfoliation, wrap and souffle, mini facial and scalp treatment.



Clinical Consultation                                              $65        
Follow Up Appointment                                          $40

Aroma Relaxation Massage  (60 min)                    $80 

Aroma Foot Massage (45 min)                               $60    

Aroma Hand Massage (30 min)                              $45      


Floatation Therapy Packages (per person)

1 x float                                                                     $80

3 x float                                                                    $225

6 x float                                                                    $420

9 x float                                                                    $585

12 x float                                                                  $720

Ask us about packages with floating and other services.

Chris Watson
Travel Agent and Dancing Extraordinaire
“The Team are not only all accredited but they always deliver great customer service. Value for money and they know how to get my muscles back in shape to get me on the dance floor and running my businesses. Time & money well spent and I couldn’t recommend them enough, so if you are in pain, need to relax or make sure your body is in shape. Call Sophie and the team.”

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