Jacqui Wood

Jacqui is our clinic manager who looks after the day to day running of the clinic. She also offers Aromatherapy & Mindset Coaching. 

Jacqui is our in-house Aromatherapist and Mindset Coach, having graduated from the Australian College of Aromatherapy in March 2019 with a Master Aromatherapy Diploma specialising in Aromatherapy for pre and post Menopausal Women & gratuating from Tad James School of NPL and Time Line Therapy in June 2020. Jacqui is passionate about a holistic approach to her clints physical and emotional wellbeing. 

As a Mindset Coach Jacqui works with her clients to set and achieve their goals by:

* Helping them to get clear about what they truly want

* Reviewing where they are now and what they’ve tried so far

* Coming up with and discussing options for action

* Agreeing on a plan to make it happen

If this sounds like what your looking for book a free discovery call appointment.

She works Tuesday to Friday sharing her time between reception and providing clinical aromatherapy consultations, women’s health checks, relaxation and aromatherapy massage, chakra balancing using essential oils and mindset coaching.