Float Therapy

Floatation therapy (also know as 'isolation therapy' or 'sensory deprivation')  will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever before!

Set at ideal body temperature, the densely salt saturated water in which you float, will have you feeling weightless making floating effortless even for people who normally can't float- now everyone can float. Studies show an hour float session has the restorative effects of 4 hours sleep. Floating provides uninterrupted time for total mental and physical relaxation. While weightless you can experience relief from injuries, aches and pains. It's great for pregnancy and people with chronic compacting conditions especially back pain as the pressure is taken off.

Floating promotes blood circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to all parts of the body, assisting in balance and internal healing. Research shows that floating reduces blood pressure and the heart rate whilst lowering the levels of stress related chemicals in the body.

People use floating to;


  • Pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Physical & mental stress 
  • Symptoms of stress related illnesses  
  • Blood pressure & heart rate
  • Vulnerability to phobias & addictions
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Fatigue


  • Relaxation 
  • Sleep
  • Healing, rehabilitation & recovery
  • Circulation of oxygen and nutrients
  • Healthy Immune function
  • Concentration & awareness 
  • Clarity & creativity 
  • Motivation & productivity
  • Energy & vitality 
  • Visualisation, meditation & self hypnosis 
  • Fabulous feeling and looking skin and hair


What to expect at your float session

Out float rooms are within their own private shower /change room. Towels, products and ear plugs are supplied so you don't need to bring anything with you. After being instructed on floating you will be left to undress & shower.

After showering, you step into your float room. LED lighting and soft relaxing music plays to signify the begining of your float session. After a few minutes the music and lights fade away till you are floating in dark silence. Lights can be turned back on from within the float room if you prefer and the door can be left open if this makes you more comfortable, you are in control. The lights outside of the float room (in the shower/change room) are on a sensor and will go out once everything is still.

With earplugs in and lights on (or off) you will drift away into a deep relaxation. The music and lights (if you had them off) will return to signify the end of your session. You will have 5 minutes to hop out of the float once the music starts. After 5minutes you will hear the cleaning motor kick in, you should be out and in the shower by then to allow the cleaning to take place.

Your appointment takes 1hr including a few minutes to shower (if you take longer to shower it will cut into your float time), plus 5-10minutes after your session to shower and get dressed. There are no mirrors in the float rooms, but you can use the powder room after your session. You are also welcome to continue relaxing in our chill out area where you are offered a complimentary beverage and snack. There's no rush back to reality.


Preparing to Float

For your best experience please observe these tips prior to your floating session:

Arrive at least 10 minutes early! This enables you to settle in, relax and fill out a health history form and visit the bathroom, prior to your float session.

Eat! Even if it's just a snack within 2 hours of your session. Magnesium is best absorbed with food in the belly and hunger could distract you from relaxing.

Hydrate! The body will replenish and detox with therapeutic magnesium. Water is needed to replenish tissues to allow that healthy exchange to take place!

Avoid caffeine! Zero stimulants is vital to getting the best out of your floating session. Even if you are a regular coffee drinker, stimulates make it harder for your body to enter a theta state and fully relax.



Kidney disorders- dialysis etc - if your kidneys are unable to filter, you will be unable to take on the large dose of magnesium in floatation, like wise certain prescription medication may inhibit your kidney function.

Low Blood Pressure  - floatation naturally lowers your blood pressure, if you are at risk of fainting due to low blood pressure, floatation may not be suitable for you.

1st Trimester of Pregnancy - precautionary period for floating, we ask you to wait until 2nd trimester before floating unless you have GP clearance.

Cancer and serious illnesses - if you are undergoing medical care, we recommend you consult your doctor, as medication's may compromise kidney function.

Vertigo - floating is not recommended during an active vertigo stage, we advise you have your condition assessed and treated by your GP before trying floatation.

Recent illness - for recent illness such as gastro or vomitting we recommend that you stay at home and rest until all illness has cleared.

Menstruating - Bleeding of any kind is not a time to float for hygiene reasons, we ask you wait or reschedule, we understand this could be at shorter notice.

Also if have any minor abrasions on the skin please advise staff before you float. Staff will advise you on salt stinging that area of your body and can provide you with a barrier cream for minor cuts.

Other medical conditions - we ask that you seek a clearance letter from your GP prior to floating to ensure it is safe for you.



Some frequently asked questions when considering a float session:


You may wonder if you'll experience claustrophobia? Be assured that our Float rooms are designed with this in mind. Our float rooms are more spacious than a float tank or pod and if you are still nervous you can choose to leave the door open (the float room is within its own private bathroom). You can also leave on the LED light (controlled by you in the room). A beautiful soft light can give a feeling of calm. Clients are usually relieved when they see the space and regular floats can improve your claustrophobia.

Can I float during pregnancy?

Yes! Absolutely from 2nd trimester onward, as long as you feel well in yourself, and are not experiencing nausea or complications.

Floatation during pregnancy is a beautiful and nurturing experience connecting you with your baby away from everyday distractions.

The benefits of floatation during pregnancy include improving sleep, taking pressure off the sore back and hips, improving circulation, nourishing sore muscles and joints and relaxing the nervous system.

With complicated pregnancies or low blood pressure, allow time to seek doctors advice for clearance to ensure that floatation is suitable for you.

Can children float?

You must be 14 yrs old and above to float. Between 14-18yrs they must have parent or guardian consent. Under 18 yrs must be accompanied by a parent or gaurdian.

Is there lighting in the float room?

Yes. We have soft coloured lighting or no light - the option is yours.

The lights are set to turn off 5 minutes into your float but you can turn them back on from inside.

What is Sensory Deprivation? 

Sensory deprivation is acheived when you turn the lights off & block out all the external sounds and distractions.

Sound, sight, touch, temperature and gravity make up around 90% of your normal neuro-muscular activity so once these senses are deprived, your mind & body can experience one of the deepest forms of relaxation.

Do I wear swimmers?

Floatation without swimmers is ideal for benefits, such as your body's lymphatic flow but If you feel you may relax more with them on, you are welcome to bring yours but you must shower in them before hand, to remove any phosphates from the fabric. The salt may decrease the lifespan of your swimmers.

How long do I float for?

Our sessions are for 60min with a little extra time for showering after. One hour gives you time to relax into the experience and truely let go! After, you are invited to continue relaxing in our chill out area with a herbal tea and snack.

I've just had a spray tans or my hair dyed. Can I float?

If you have had either recently, you may be unable to float, due to red and brown dyes dropping out in the crystal clear water! Please allow at least 3 washes for hair dyes and 3 showers for spray tans before you float. If your hair colour still runs when you wash it, please do not float.

Can I float with a friend?

We have just one adult/per float room policy as this is how you will relax more and experience the best benefits of floatation. We have 2 rooms though, so book ahead to ensure you can secure a time together.

Is there music?

Yes, we have specific floatation music, designed to facilitate getting you relaxed and/or into meditation. The music plays for the first 5 minutes of your session and then resumes when you have 5 minutes to get out. If you want music for longer let us know and it can be arranged.

Is it clean?

Absolutly! We have state of the art filtration systems that cleans and monitor the water quality between each session. Our float rooms meet strick council requirements & commercial cleanliness standards.