iKOU - Skin Care



We use iKOU products for all our inhouse beauty treatments and also stock a range of iKOU skin care to take home.

From the first time you use iKOU, you look different.
You skin will look more hydrated, elasticity is visibly restored and it becomes more radiant.
Over the weeks to follow, with a daily regime, you will find your skin gets healthier and healthier and more and more vibrant everyday.

iKOU uses many “Wild-Harvested” ingredients which are "next-level organics", as they are grown in pristine, remote locations from around the globe, and planted and sustained by nature itself, not farmed by man.
These locations include the lush, tropical Australian Rainforests, the wild Kakadu, remote Swiss Alps and African Savannah where the symbol of life is the Baobab Tree.
Wild-Harvested ingredients are particularly potent as they grow in soils of their natural environment, abundant in all the nutrients they need to be healthy plants rich in phyto-nutrients.

Our ethos of purity extends to all stages of formulation, using ground breaking plant cell extraction that doesn’t heat the precious actives, redefining the power of each natural ingredient, and combining them to deliver visible results.

         iKOU Australian Lemon Myrtle & Tahitian Lime Organic Body Lotion             

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